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CCBPL KO Trainee Program
Coke’s management Trainee Program is an initiative to create career opportunities that will attract and retain younger people in the workforce, ensure a talent pipeline of high performing managers for critical business roles and a long term approach to build and nurture a high-quality workforce. The main focus of the program is on-the-job functional development.

KO Trainee (Class of 2011-2012) is a diversified group of 32 young talented individuals that joined Coke in September 2011 and are currently going through their one year training period. During this time they will acquire in-depth understanding of the Business as well as add value through their Functional Projects.

KO Trainee Program
Class of 2011-2012
Success Stories from KO Trainee Class of 2011-2012
Zaid Nasir
“Since I joined the KO trainee program 10 months back I realized that my accomplishments would not have been possible without a key aspect of this program, the ability to challenge everything . With this ability I learnt how to challenge the status quo, to develop skills on how to improve the current infrastructure and add value to the company. I also learnt how to challenge my own limitations and my perception of what I thought was impossible. It was with breaking this boundary that I was able to stand firm against any obstacles that came in my path during my tenure in Faisalabad. Of course all of this would have been folly without the culture of teamwork, integrity and passion that I found in CCBPL. After an excellent performance rating in my projects I was posted as an Asset Analyst in Head Office, Lahore. For me, it is the end of one journey and the start of another. But now I am well prepared for any challenge that comes in my way, thanks to the KO Trainee program. ”
Uzair Khan
The KO Trainee Program gave me an ideal opportunity to launch my professional life in a learning-oriented, fast-paced environment; where I quickly learnt about the highly insightful dynamics of the beverage business. CCBPL management backs all trainees to pursue our projects in the departments that interest us. Thus, this gave me the flexibility required to make a conscious decision of where I best fit in the organization. With initial projects on the commercial side of the business, I am now a permanent resource for the company on the capability development and communications side of the company, all within my first year at CCBPL. As a fresh graduate, you cannot ask for more from a Management Trainee program and I strongly believe it is one of the top ones in the country .”
Ayesha Inam
“When I received the KO Trainee offer letter from CCBPL, i thought “there can’t be a better way to start my career. But I guess I was wrong. It got even better when I was offered a permanent position in my town just after 5 months of working as a KOT. The CCBPL Human Resource team is amazing to work with and so far the learning has been great and I am definitely looking forward to the new roles and responsibilities.”
Hardesh Kumar Hira
“The slogan of Coca Cola "Open happiness" says it all. Becoming a part of CCBPL opened up a world of new dimensions and unimaginable possibilities for me. I joined here as a KOT with an MBA in Marketing from IBA but what truly added knowledge and experience to my personal self is the time spent here. From a KOT to a Sales System Analyst, every step of the journey has been rewarding. Working for CCBPL taught me that hard work and skills never go to waste. The Distribution Development of CCBPL, the process and its operation has been an enjoyable and a vastly learning experience. Not only does CCBPL pride itself on a friendly and cordial working environment but i also feel truly blessed to be working for superiors who have been supportive in every way. My abilities may have led me thus far but it is the encouragement and support from my heads that has brought me such phenomenal success in such a short span of time. In short, CCBPL has opened happiness and success for me.”